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Infrequent Flyers Undisclosed Islay

Infrequent Flyers Undisclosed Islay

Undisclosed Islay 2007 cask # 807405 / 16YO / 54.4% / Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Region                 Islay

Cask                      Ruby Port Hogshead

Style                     Peated / Ruby Port Finish


Colour                  Bright auburn.


Nose :

Sweet tobacco and soft peat, with a burst of cracked black pepper and stem ginger. Damp asphalt. Captivating aroma; you could lose yourself in this.



Beautifully poised. The base whisky delivers lingering, soft, elegant phenols. These are overlaid with apricots, blood orange and peaches from the port cask, with a spicy flourish towards the end. Peated Islay and fortified wine casks - a winning combination.


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