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Infrequent Flyers Dumbarton 26Y

Infrequent Flyers Dumbarton 26Y

Dumbarton 1997 cask # 174 / 26YO / 53.8% / Single Grain Scotch Whisky


Region                 Lowland

Cask                      Pedro Ximénez Puncheon

Style                     Pedro Ximénez Finish


Colour                  Burnt umber.



This has the classically sweet and solventy aldehydic notes typical of mature grain - coconut ice cream, Battenberg cake and fresh cinema popcorn, combined with heavy sherry aromas, predominantly stewed fruits.



Velvety and indulgent. Intense dark chocolate, weighty raisin and sultanas, morello cherries and espresso, with underlying frutta martorana and almond muffins. A rare bottling from the iconic and sadly lost Dumbarton distillery.

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